Medleaf is pleased to announce further progress on our plans for 2021 as we enter the christmas break.
Medleaf’s aim is to remain the “Patient’s Choice” via superior offerings and a strong value proposition ASAP next year.

As of Mid December, we are now fully licensed under the new regime for the supply of Medical Cannabis with our partners at HCL, one of the largest pharmaceutical distribution hubs in New Zealand.

Additionally, we have reached a significant milestone relating to our plan for an equity raise in early 2021,  as the original first-mover domestically, Medleaf is pleased to announce that sales since inception have exceeded $1,000,000 wholesale from Medleaf to Pharmacies and Clinics, demonstrating a proven revenue structure, with sales on track to exceed this figure for the Financial Year. Our track record is assisted by our backgrounds, including military logistics.  Logistically, Medleaf has a perfect record and is the only domestic company that has been reliably able to ensure consistency of supply, with no stock outages or recalls impacting on patients.

As part of our Strategy to deliver only the best, Medleaf has now partnered with 3 separate companies for Whitelabel supply agreements, for 4 products, ensuring the most diverse portfolio of any company publically declared so far.  Our leadership position has ensured that Medleaf is able to get the best deals for NZ patients, and by having multiple supply partners, de-risks the potential for regulatory hiccups delaying product availability for patients.  In the Quality assessment space, Medleaf, with THC Global was the first company other than Tilray to submit a portfolio of products for assessment, giving us a distinct advantage over all other local companies.

Our latest strategic partnership to announce is with Northern Green Canada, the first privately-held Canadian licensed producer of cannabis to become EU GMP-certified, the gold standard for pharmaceutical-grade cannabis. Northern Green currently exports to Germany, Israel and other countries, offering an excellent track record with which to place our trust.  Our assessment for a Northern Green Product was submitted this week, with biosecurity clearance already obtained, and possibly NZ’s first approval of this type under the old “Ministerial approval” scheme for a test shipment, testing and accelerating the logistics pipeline and time to market for this offering.

“It is with great efforts that we have been able to extend our product range offerings to try and bring more affordable, high quality, options for New Zealand patients.”

“The NZ Ministry of Health has set some of the toughest medicinal cannabis standards the world, which has certainly slowed access and affordability against the stated intentions of the medical cannabis bill, however Medleaf looks forward to staying true to its values in which we are able to supply cost effective options for patients.  On that note, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and we have exciting new partnerships to announce in the new year.”

Courtney Letica, Founder and Director of Medleaf, looks forward to an exciting period as multiple products from multiple suppliers have been submitted for assessment.

“Our Capital Raise aimed for Q1 2021 ensures that people can join in our success, and greatly accelerate our plans to become the number 1 choice of not just patients but also prescribers, with the intention of undertaking some pilot clinical studies into the efficacy of the anti-inflammatory effects of Cannabinoids in Rheumatoid Arthritis, and work on optimising Cannabinoid treatments for Endometriosis” Says CEO Courtney Letica.

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