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Today the Medical Cannabis agency announced that JC Logistics Limited, Trading as Medleaf Therapeutics, has had its first product verified against the new scheme.

This is the first of several value offerings Medleaf has in the pipeline based on solid commercial agreements, with our desired goal to be offering a comprehensive range for not just varying needs regarding THC and CBD, but also the preferred tastes of our patients.  The introduction of a verified product now means Medleaf can help more patients than ever before.

Courtney Letica, Founder and Director of Medleaf, looks for to an exciting period as multiple products become available to kiwis.

Courtney Letica, Founder and Director of Medleaf, looks forward to an exciting period as more options become available to patients.

“This verification has been a long time coming, with initial conversations to commercialization taking just shy of 2 years. We‘re eager to finally be able to delight patients with an offering that is superior on all counts”

“In time, we hope to have multiple flower and oils verified and available locally, with the aim to be the best price in each category, a precedent Medleaf has already demonstrated consistently since 2019”

“We would like to thank our partners, Northern Green Canada, a GMP Cannabis supplier for both Medicinal and adult-use markets, for their patience and excellent work collaborating with us for this approval, and look forward to exploring other opportunities with them for the benefit of NZ patients,”
Says Courtney Letica, CEO of Medleaf.


About Medleaf.  Medleaf was founded in 2018 and is a privately held company. Medleaf was the first New Zealand company to bring CBD products to the NZ market, offering consistently more affordable pricing for patients. Medleaf was a market leader in the CBD space, having approximately 30% Market share before activities were curtailed by the end of the transition period. Medleaf is also a champion of patient needs, advocating for significant law and regulation tweaks in favour of patient access. Due to our company values, and the outstanding value proposition that entails, Medleaf anticipates reclaiming this market share as the NZ scheme matures and more Medleaf branded products are verified and made available.