Cannabis and the wide range of therapeutic effects.

Looking for Medicinal Cannabis information?

The NZ Universal list of medicines contains a list of  products. Talk to your Prescriber to see if Medical Cannabis may be right for you.

Medleaf grew from a simple idea
– we could be doing better.

Seeing the power cannabis had to improve lives, and how hard it was to access, we knew something was wrong. That something so helpful, so useful for relieving pain and suffering, should be accessible to all. So we set out to make a change.

To make things better.

Through innovation and the highest-quality therapeutics, we’re dedicated to bettering your health and wellbeing, giving you back your freedom and choice, and creating a world that’s naturally better for everyone.

Our vision is a simple one – a world where the healing power of cannabis is accessible to all. Through our products, resources and information, we aim to provide remedies to pain and illness, to educate, and to inspire continued innovation in healthcare.

Potential benefits

CBD can help reduce
(and in some cases remove)
cognitive impairment

Improve cardiovascular
health with CBD

Reduce depression
with CBD

Medleaf are proud supporters of Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand (MCANZ), NZ’s first charity dedicated to Medical Cannabis. The goals of MCANZ include improving patient access and health outcomes, and destigmatizing Cannabis as a medicine.

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